Monday, September 15, 2008

Where, oh where, is THE book?

This is my wonderful five year old dog, Lilly standing on her favorite rock, waiting and watching. She is waiting for her favorite truck to come down the driveway. She is not picky. She would settle for a UPS, FedEx or DHL vehicle. And today I am not picky. I want any of the above trucks to speed down my driveway with a large dust cloud following behind. I want the speedy delivery man to jump out in one fluid motion, race up my walkway and lean on my doorbell, announcing the delivery of THE book. I want to do my happy, happy, joy, joy dance around my house as I celebrate the fact that I now possess my very own copy of THE book.

Curious yet as to what book I am impatiently waiting for? It is not 'The Joy of Cooking'. I already own that. It is not "The Joy of Sex'. Been there, done that. But it does have something to do with the joy of living and I NEED the book, on many levels.

I thought the book had arrived on Friday. I heard the delivery truck roaring down the driveway. I ran, slid, fell down the stairs so I could grab THE book out of the delivery man's hand, politely, of course. I ran my hand through my tangles and patted the wrinkles out of my shirt. I wanted to look well put together when he presented me with THE book. I tried to not tremble too much as he handed me the package. The day had finally arrived. I had received...wait a minute. The box he handed me was a six inch cube. This was not your typical book shaped package. Well, the author is not your typical author so,maybe, just maybe, she had written a cube shaped book. I was feeling a bit skeptical as I tore the cardboard apart. Oh darn it. I forgot that I had ordered THAT! Another day without THE book.

BEEEEEP. BEEEEEP. So why is the FedEx, UPS, DHL man blasting on his horn while sitting in my driveway? Maybe he found THE book, hidden in a pile? I ran, tripped, skipped out to the truck. Oh, happy days!

"Hey, lady. Would you come get your dog?"

What is he talking about? I looked under the truck. No Lilly there, thank goodness. I looked in the front of the truck. No Lilly there.

"Where is my dog?"

"She is in my truck and she won't get out. Would you come get her?"

I looked in the truck and there sat my Lilly dog. Sitting politely, waiting.

" Oh, she is just waiting for a cookie. The speedy delivery man who usually comes here always gives her a treat. She is just waiting for her treat."

"I don't carry treats. Now what do I do? How do I get her out of the truck?"

"Just give her THE book. She will settle for THE book."

"Lady, I don't have your book."

"Did you check in every pile?"

"Yes, I did."

"Did you check way in the back?"

"Yes! Now please get your dog out of my truck. "

Fine. I called Lilly and she came out of the truck. Disappointed, we both walked into the house. No treats, no book. But tomorrow is another day.

It is my hope that you are now a bit curious as to what book it is that I am waiting for, and why, what, who, when...all these questions will be answered by Saturday, September 20th. Check in off and on this week as I will be giving more tips and clues. You won't be disappointed.


PEA said...

Hi Deb:-)

I just sent you an email and thought I'd now come visit your blog! Isn't this blogging world a wonderful and fun place to be?:-) It's amazing the friendships that have been need to ever feel alone again!!

Your dog is just gorgeous and I'm still giggling at the thought of her being in the delivery truck waiting for her treat! hehe Hmmmm I'm wondering what THE book is! Now you have me curious! lol xox

Marg said...

The Book, Is it called "The Secret"?
There are many good books out there.
Thank-you for honoring me as your blogging friend...
I wish we'd live closer. We could celebrate many things from men to dogs.
Waiting for the book.

KatCollects said...

What a cute post, love that Lilly was in the truck, that will teach him for not carrying treats : ) Lilly is adorable!

pink dogwood said...

Lilly is absolutely adorable. You have got me really curious - you sound like my daughter when she was waiting for the last Harry Potter volume. Do we really have to wait till Saturday to find out :(

Akelamalu said...

Can't wait to hear what THE BOOK is, I'm consumed with curiosity!

Louise said...

I AM curious. It will be fun to get the clues and see what it is. The dog is funny, and the driver didn't have enough humor!

Carol said...

Okay okay! You got me!! I'm hooked!

And your dog? Adorable and a very smart cookie!!

david mcmahon said...

I'm smiling with you!

Moannie said...

Clever girl,I'm hooked too. Lovely dog.

bigbucketgirl said...

Could the book be "dog obedience lessons for delivery drivers" ?

Laughing out loud at the dog in the truck..exactly what our old lurcher would do. With a paw on the gear stick!

Beverly said...

Pretty please will you tell me if I give Lilly a treat? I can get you a treat, too. ;-)

Rapunzel said...

I am so curious!!! And I love the Lilly story, think that particular delivery man should stock up on her treats..harrumph!

Tilly said...

Yep - I'm officially curious!

Maggie May said...

Have YOU written a book?
Good post!

imbeingheldhostage said...

This post is brilliantly entertaining. Congrats on your POD nomination.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

great post..the blogging is great but time consuming l have no discipline yet!! keep at it..lovely!

Deb said...

Hi Pea ~ More clues coming soon! Thanks for visiting - and I hope you come back.

Hi Marg ~ Nope, the secret book is not 'The Secret' - good guess though. You were one of my first blogging friends! I am a lucky lady.

Hi Kathy ~ Lilly is a great dog and quite smart. Thanks for dropping by!

Hi Pink D ~ I know exactly how your daughter felt! And yes, you must wait until Saturday ! :)

Hi Ake ~ I am glad that you are curious - it is healthy to be curious! ;)

Hi Louise ~ I am glad that the grumpy driver is not the usual driver - Lilly would not be pleased!

Hi Carol ~ Sometimes my dog is too smart for her own good but I love her always. Glad you dropped in!

Hi David ~ :) I am having fun!

Hi Moannie ~ Welcome to my blog! I am glad you stopped in ~ and Lilly also thanks you. :)

Hi Bigbucketgirl ~ Thanks for stopping by. I like the image of the dog with his paw on the gear stick. :)

Hi Bev ~ Lilly would probably tell you if she could, especially for a treat, but my lips are sealed!

Hi Rapunzel ~ Curiosity keeps us young! More clues are on the way!

Hi Tilly ~ Thanks for stopping in!

Hi Maggie May ~ Welcome to my place. I so wish it was me who had written a book - someday, maybe. ;)

Hi Hostage ~ Thanks for your kind words and I am glad you stopped in for a visit. :)

Hi FFF ~ Glad you could come visit. I could easily blog all day long - time flies when I am on the computer. I am learning to set limits for myself - not an easy task! :)

Melissa said...

hah! she is such a naughty dog it's a good thing she's so cute! can't wait to see her (and you too!) in less than 3 weeks - and COUNTING!!!

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