Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Shower of Love

My son proposed to his beautiful fiancee over a year ago and they have been preparing for their August wedding since then. Despite all of the preparations, their upcoming wedding didn't actually seem real to me until this past weekend when we had a shower for the bride-to-be. It was more than just a chance to try and surprise her and shower her with gifts. It was a chance for the two families to come together and share the excitement and mutual love we have for this young couple.

The bride-to-be's chair is decorated, the gifts are wrapped all we need is the guest of honor!

And here she is !

I was responsible for creating the favors. I used tissue paper and mod podge to decorate the pots and then planted herbs in each one. I was happy with the finished results and glad that I could be a part of the special day.

Here is the happy couple, holding their 'wedding' bears. The shower allowed us a chance to shower them both with love and well wishes. And now we are ready for the BIG day!



Marg said...

What a fun way to celebrate with your son. Isn't that exciting?
I'm assuming it's a first wedding.
I love my daughter-in-law of 11 years. We both walk together once a week.
Enjoy these times with them.
How fun!

Melissa said...

the pots came out so great! sorry I missed it!

Barbara said...

It's a great idea, we do not have wedding showers here. Your future d-i-l is beautiful.

Debbie said...

Marg ~ This is a very exciting year for us. Our daughter is getting married in October, and our son in August. We are fortunate that our future in-law children fit in really well with our family. Many fun times ahead for our family.

Melissa ~ Thanks! And we missed you!

Barbara ~ Interesting that you do not have wedding showers. Thank you - our future d-i-l is beautiful - inside and out! Thanks for stopping by to visit!

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