Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nothing Short of a Miracle !

Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees daughter and her husband. For the past few weeks they have been going through the medical process called in-vitro fertilization aka IVF. Having never gone through this process, it has been a learning experience for all involved. We are now familiar with hormones and drugs we never knew existed and we have a better understanding of the sequence of events involved in this medical procedure . We have also learned to buckle our seat belts as we ride the emotional IVF roller coaster.

My daughter has been dealing with the issue of infertility openly and honestly. She talks about it and at her blog she writes about her feelings, and the process itself with humor and an openness which is refreshing. She has brought IVF out of the closet and in doing so I believe she has educated a few and gained the respect of many.

Over the years, on many occasions, I have been accused of wearing my heart on my sleeve, of being too honest about how I feel. While I am learning to stop and think before I speak (or write) I am still very honest about my feelings and I wear my bright red heart on my sleeve with pride. It is who I am. And I am learning to like who I am. So it comes as no surprise to me that at least one of my four children would inherit this 'heart on the sleeve' gene. My IVF daughter inherited the gene and so she writes passionately, bluntly and openly about her IVF experience. Some people are uncomfortable with this open approach, but it is the approach that works for us. Many people feel we should proceed with caution and be mindful of what could go wrong. We have been told that maybe we shouldn't be so public. Are we aware of the pitfalls of IVF? We are well aware of what could go wrong BUT we are also well aware of what could go right. This past Wednesday two healthy beautiful embryos were placed in my daughter's uterus. She is now resting, hoping that they will nestle in and make themselves a home. This is undoubtedly one of the most stressful times for this couple but they are handling the situation with a positive, healthy attitude. At the end of nine months we could be singing lullabies and reading nursery rhymes. We are mindful of THIS moment and are celebrating these two little embryos. It is with incredible joy and pride that I share with you their picture. I do believe in miracles!


Marg said...

You are real, and maybe that's what I like about you. You've shared a very important part of your life.
That picture is a miracle and we need to look at the positive things in life. We know that negativity is all around us, but please help us all capture the meaning of other options in life.
Keep being who you need to be, not what others expect...

Marg said...

Hey, We do similiar.
Big get together at our house tomorrow and it's real hot, so all the kids will be on the tramp with water and we eat alot of our tradition dishes cooked by my family.
Lots of fun. So I'm busy getting ready. Fireworks in the evening.

Beverly said...

This is cause to rejoice. I said a prayer for your family, and I will continue.

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