Sunday, June 1, 2008

Go Green !

It is a triple entendre morning for me and I have only been awake for thirty minutes! It is going to be a GREAT day! FYI ~ according to Wikipedia, triple entendres are a rare occurrence and here I sit ~ experiencing one as I drink my first cup of coffee. GO GREEN! A simple phrase, probably an overused phrase, but it is a VERY green day for me.

First, looking out my kitchen windows, enjoying my morning cup of coffee I can't begin to count all of the different shades of green that cover the landscape. Dark greens, light greens, bright greens, lime greens...the trees, the grass, the plants - all looking lush and alive. It's a great day. It's an extremely green day. To help you understand my excitement, I live in Northern New England and it has been a while since we've seen anything but shades of white and gray. GO GREEN!

Secondly, the Boston Celtics are going to the NBA Playoffs! The last time this occurred was 21 years ago when the Celtics lost the series to the LA Lakers. But now our time has come. We will once again play the LA Lakers but they have lost their 'Magic' so... GO GREEN !

And now, the third, and last play on relationship with our environment. I have always tried to be a good citizen, a thoughtful neighbor and a solid member of our community. We recycle paper, plastic and glass. We try to conserve our energy usage whenever possible. We try not to waste water. I no longer buy water in plastic bottles. I don't even know how I fell into the trap of buying a case of water each week. Our tap water is safe to drink and is very refreshing. But I feel that I am not doing enough and have been working to educate myself as to how I can live a greener life.

I probably would have continued down the path I was on if not for my eldest daughter. She recently started a 'green' blog - one which focuses on living a better, simpler, more frugal life. If you would also like to be inspired to lead a greener life just click here. I have found a multitude of 'green' blogs to support me as I work on lessening my carbon footprint. I am always searching for blogs which are educational and compassionate to those of us who are just beginning to educate themselves. I stay away from the severe, militant types. I don't even understand half of what they are writing about and they make me feel guilty - and I don't need to shoulder any more guilt! I have found a very supportive blog over here at Green Bean Dreams. She is hosting the current 'Green Bookworm Challenge' in which I am participating. I recently read 'Fast Food Nation', gagging all the way through as I read about the meat packing industry. I am now reading 'Animal, Vegetable, Mineral' by Barbara Kingsolver. I will be writing a book review at a later date but I would like to say that my brain is sparking new synapses as I begin to look at food and life differently. I have so much to learn as I GO GREEN.

I have so much more to say is a beautiful green day and I don't want to waste it by sitting here typing. I am going to go plant my veggie garden. Yep. I am working on developing a green thumb. It has been a long time since I had a veggie garden so this will be a learning adventure. I also joined a CSA in case the woodchucks eat my garden. I didn't even know what a CSA was until about six months ago and I am participating in the 'Eat Local Summer' Challenge - which starts today. I will be blogging more about CSA's, local eating and my adventures as a farmer. And I am working with some other community members to get the SwapShop at our town 'transfer' station reopened. GO GREEN!


Melissa said...

well; I'm blushing. I don't even know what to say...but that's definitely the best compliment I've been paid today, by far! I think you give me too much credit though...but thanks :)


Debbie said...

You are an inspiration to me on a daily basis -and not just because of your blog! Remember who loves you ~ forever and always.

Willow said...

Hi Debbie,
Thank you for visiting my blog and saying such nice things about it.

I love my green garden, too. We live on opposite sides and ends of the US (I'm in SoCal), but have much in common. I have a compost bin, recycle almost everything, shop at the farmers market. I'll be looking in to those green blogs. I don't write much about my frugal, green ways, not the focus of my blog (it's supposed to be knitting, but I go off onto SoCal locations and gardening, too) but maybe that's because it has been part of my life for so long, I don't think of it as unusual.

Our only difference may be that I'm a Lakers fan, but let's not let that spoil a friendship!

Flower said...

Hi Debbie, I came over from Willows blog. We are friends and sister-in-laws...old friends and old sisters.
I am learning to be more green from my adult children too. They notice everything and I don't..but one thing at a time for me! My next purchase, to be more green, will be some terry clothe napkins. Small change but a good one! I am also learning to clean with natural products. I will post next Monday about my newest cleaning trick...actually, my first cleaning trick.
Welcome to blogging. I still feel quite new to it and find myself more at ease with each post.
Come on over for a visit!!

Marg said...

Welcome to the world of Blogging.
I love your green theme.
I have a draft waiting to post in green.
I jumped over from Willow's blog and I can't believe it, I have found two NBA fans. Willow and you.
I'm a Lakers fan, cuz it's the west.
But at least we can start the finals tomorrow night. I'm tired of Hockey.
Let's keep in touch.

Marg said...

Thank-you for your kind words. I would love to add you to my blog list. Yes, I noticed we had similarities. Milk each day for what it's worth.
Gone cycling for a few days.
But I will watch the game tomorrow night!!!

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