Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Quickie

Gown fittings.

Shoe shopping.

Jewelry shopping.

Meet with DJ.

Meet with Florist.

Meet with Photographer.

Create table numbers and seating charts.

Find another pen so I can write another check.

Find a karaoke machine...yep, we are having a karaoke contest at the reception! Instead of giving favors, the winner of the karaoke contest gets to choose a charity and money will be donated to that charity! So in between everything I have been practicing my song choice! If I win, my charity choice will be Girls, INC. - an organization near and dear to my heart.

The above is a partial list of all that we have to accomplish in the next ten days. I am exhausted.

I recently had a few minutes to sit down and breath. I turned on the TV to watch something which wouldn't require me to think. Oh, great - it is the Presidential Debates. I don't talk politics on my blog but let's just say I don't find it relaxing to watch the debates. I get frustrated. I get angry. I can't watch the Red Sox play Tampa Bay since that makes me frustrated. I get angry. So I will write a post quickly since wedding chores are calling. Writing to my blogging friends often helps me to relax.

Saturday evening we had a cocktail party / bridal shower for my daughter. It was very rewarding to watch my daughter be surrounded by so many friends and family. We ate, we laughed, she opened some gifts while wearing a boa and a tiara, we made her a scrapbook full of memories, we drank, ...we wished her well as she prepares for marriage. The cake was made at Jacques Fine Pastries in Suncook, NH. It is fun to visit their site - incredible artists. None of us wanted to cut the cake but we finally did it and it was a delicious white cake with raspberry and chocolate filling. A little taste of heaven!

Monday was a holiday and we climbed Mt. Monadnock. This mountain is the second most climbed peak in the world - Mt. Fuji is climbed the most. I had climbed this mountain back in 1976 when I was a bit younger but I remembered that the views were spectacular. On a clear day you can see all the way to Boston. The weather was the perfect Autumn day but not quite as clear as we would have liked. I was proud and relieved when we made it to the summit. It was nice to take our minds off of the wedding for a few hours. So I will leave you with a few pictures from our hike while I go work with my daughter on the reception seating chart ~ not an easy task. In nine days all of our hard work will be rewarded when we come together to celebrate love and marriage.


Beverly said...

No politics and no sports for you. Take a deep breath. Cleanse. Enjoy every second of wedding planning with your daughter.

You're doing a great job.

Akelamalu said...

All the hard work will be worth it I'm sure.

The scenery in those photos is breathtaking!

Daryl said...

Lovely photos .. I think that cake is perfection ..right down to the bindi (is that the right word/term for the caste mark on the forehead?)


Love the idea of the contest/donation!


imbeingheldhostage said...

These photos are gorgeous, and I LOVE the idea of the money going to charity--after Karaoke! What a fabulous idea.

Kahshe Cottager said...

What spectacular views!! Enjoy the wedding and celebrate like mad! It sounds like it will be a fun and joyous event ... and I am looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing all about it!

david mcmahon said...

Beautiful colours, Deb - and what a great cake!

Louise said...

What a hike! I think that needs to be on my list of places to climb!

The cake is fabulous.

Your to-do list exhausts me.

Avoid things that make you frustrated and angry. Those kinds of things are FINE to avoid!

Dianne said...

you climbed a mountain with all those things on your list!! you're a super woman

I love the idea of the contest and then donating the money - no one cares about favors.

Helena S. said...

Love the cake! So the bride was edible too? Terrible. :-)

And the nature photos are beautiful. We have that colourful autumn season (called ruska) over here too and it's definitely my favourite season.

Rapunzel said...

Such beautiful pictures, I love the cake!!

Liquid said...

How absolutely special, amazing, and beautiful.

See? This is why I "dig" your blog!

Got a couple of "happies" for you over at my place.

Lovin' much~

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Your pictures are amazing. God help you organising a wedding - you won't know what to do with yourself when it's all over. All the best and yes keep away from politics - boring beyond belief!

Andrea with the Flipflops said...

Politics is not going rid the world of illness ... so really it can wait.

What an exciting time for you and your daughter ... do you cry a lot??? I always wondered what my mom was thinking at the time.

The pics from the hike are amazing!

Thanks for your kind words ... this too shall pass. I am blessed to have teachers in my childrens lives that are truely amazing!

Sandi McBride said...

The wedding...5K plus
The Rooming arrangements for guests
2K at the very least
Having a daughter to plan a wedding for
enjoy every second!

pink dogwood said...

I was frustrated watching the last debate as well. I loved the cake - it is amazing, with Bindi and all :)

I want to come climb that mountain - maybe we can do it together some day - I love that picture of you climbing that big boulder.

Best wishes for your family.

Flower said...

Your wedding list makes me chuckle!! Keep at it!! :))
The scenery in your photos is spectacular! You took this climb at the right time of the year!!

Dreamlight said...

Those pics are beautiful.

Marg said...

Congratulations on your climb...
It's interesting how many mountains we climb in our life, referring to you preparing your daughter's wedding.
I'm like you, when I relax, I love to blog and read others...That's why I stepped back and took a different pace with blogging.
It's therapy for me.

Willow said...

The hard work is almost over. Take a deep breath and keep going. And it will be worth it all. I enjoyed your hike up the mountain!

PEA said...

Hello dear Deb:-)

Sounds like you've really been busy with the wedding preparations but as you say, it will all be worth the hard work once you see how happy your daughter is on her wedding day!

That cake is just gorgeous, I've never seen anything like it!!

Glad you were able to take a little time off and enjoy a hike up that mountain...what a breathtaking view!! xoxo

Shrinky said...

Oh, spectacular views! Symbolic too in a way, huh? This is I guess what parenthood is all about, climbing to that sumitt where our kids are finally ready to start out on another whole adventure all on their own, huh? A scary and challenging prospect all round.

But exciting.

Oh, congratulations hon, I am sure you are both ready and eager to start out on the next adventure. (Hugs)

Kahshe Cottager said...

Do drop in when you have a moment and see what I have left for you at Views From My Camera!

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