Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just Breath

Still waiting impatiently for someone, anyone, to send me pictures from my son's wedding last Saturday. Please! I didn't bring my camera because I knew I would be busy performing 'the mom of the groom' duties. As soon as I have some pictures I will be sharing them here.

The day before the wedding I drove to Maine with my husband and son. No matter how organized I think I am, I find out whenever we travel anywhere which involves a suitcase that I am not so organized. I triple checked that I had my gown, my shoes, accessories - everything I would need for the wedding was packed. Cute sundress for the rehearsal dinner, pajamas, outfit for the day after the wedding, check. So far so good. Then my husband arrived back home after having spent the morning running errands. "Are we ready to go? Is my suitcase all packed?" No.

I did not pack my husband's suitcase even though I told him I would do that. Why? Basically, I forgot. I was so focused on not forgetting my gown, my cute sundress for the rehearsal dinner, outfit for the day after the wedding, appropriate shoes for each outfit, accessories...I did not want to get all the way up to Maine and realize I had no earrings.

My husband is a good sport and he knew that my stress level was maxed out so he ran upstairs to pack his own suitcase. I was rather surprised when he announced that he was ready to leave in five minutes or less. "Hmm, Hon, are you sure you packed everything you need? Golf clothes, rehearsal dinner outfit, suit?"

"Yep, let's hit the road. I am good to go." Amazing. I had made lists to make sure that I had everything I needed and was re-checking my suitcase for the tenth time while my husband, Mr. Efficient Packer, was ultra-confident in his organizational skills. I have learned after thirty years of marriage to not doubt him . After all, I have never witnessed him sitting on his suitcase, struggling to get it locked. I always pray that he won't walk into the room as I struggle to keep my luggage from popping open. He always does.

Finally we were ready to head to Maine. My son, the groom to be, became more antsy and anxious as we drove. We had a few last minute stops to make along the way which only added to his anxiety. I had hoped that I would have time before the church rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner to relax and freshen up -whatever that means. We checked into the hotel and the 'groom to be' announced that we had to leave immediately for the church rehearsal. I tried to calm him down and explained that we had plenty of time but he was already on his way to the car. His dad followed after him, telling me that they would meet me in the car. Great.

At this point I was still wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I needed to change into my cute sundress for the rehearsal activities. No time for freshening up - I threw the sundress on, prayed my deodorant was still effective and headed out the door of the room. Time for one quick glance into the mirror on the closet door. I stopped dead in my tracks. The cute sundress was a tad see through - I definitely needed a slip. Wasn't that on my list? I rummaged through my luggage trying to find a slip, how did I not pack one? What to do, what to do? I think I hear the car horn honking for me in front of the hotel. Think quick. I threw my jeans and my
t-shirt back on. Looks like I was going casual. Great.

Sputtering, I climbed back into the car. Both men looked at me.
"That's what you're wearing to the church rehearsal?"
They did.

We arrived at the church - early. The 'groom to be' announced that he was famished. He had to eat NOW or he was going to pass out. There was a deli down the street from the church so we headed in that direction. I was still sputtering about my cute sundress but no one was listening to me. These two men saw nothing wrong with me, the mother of the groom, arriving for the reheasal wearing my jeans and t-shirt. I had planned my outfits weeks ago - how could I have forgotten a slip? Maybe I should have just thrown all modesty to the wind and let my pink polka dotted undies be seen by all - including the minister? Nope, not happening. So, while my husband and the 'groom to be' ran into a deli to grab a snadwich, I sat in the car, sputtering.

If only these were designer jeans or I had some funky jewelry so I could dress up this t-shirt. As I sat in the car, stewing over my situation, I noticed a consignment shop across the street. Odd place for a consignment shop, almost in the middle of nowhere. Whoa, wait a minute...a consignment shop! I jumped out of the car, ran across the street, praying this wasn't just a figment of my imagination. The store clerk looked startled as I practically threw myself into her arms. I started rambling on, incoherently, about my situation. She backed up slowly. I realized I probably looked like a raving lunatic so I took a breath and slowed down. Finally the woman realized I meant her no harm and she began helping me search for an outfit.
She understood that time was against me and began throwing outfits in my direction as I stood in the changing room. I think she saw this as a true challenge.

Ten minutes later, I left the shop with my jeans and t-shirt in a bag. My 'new' blouse and skirt with matching jacket were the perfect outfit to wear to the rehearsal. The pink stone of my 'new' necklace matched the colors of the wedding. As I entered the church for the rehearsal I thought about the craziness of the past couple of hours and realized how much energy I had wasted on sputtering and stewing. When I can just slow down, take a deep breath and clear my head, I find that the answer usually does come to me. Just breath. I sat down in the front pew and watched my handsome son practice for his wedding day. Just breath.


Beverly said...

It sounds easy, but sometimes just breathing is hard to remember.

I'm sure you were stunning. I can't wait to see pictures.

pink dogwood said...

Oh my, what an experience. But all is well that ends well - me too waiting to see pictures of your new finds.

Marg said...

I love these kind of stories. We're always problem solving, and of course it's for everyone else and we never even hardly think about ourselves.
Sounds like you did an exceptional job.
You'll have to show us the outfit.

Akelamalu said...

Oh my good God, it always happens doesn't it? You think you thought of everything and then it bites you on the bum!

Like you I do endless lists but there's always one thing I forget.

Brilliant that you were able to get a complete outfit at such short notice and saved the day!

Tillybud said...

Well good for you - one cool mama. Looking forward to seeing those wedding pics.

david mcmahon said...

Breathing deep and easy is sometimes a lost art, Deb.

Melissa said...

I also would love to see some of those pics! if it makes you feel better, the wedding I was at yesterday, the sister of the groom forgot her dress!!

Rapunzel said...

Whoo-hoo! You did a wonderful job of saving the day, my dear! Kudos to you! I can't wait to see pics..

Rapunzel..impatiently tapping her foot...

Deb said...

Beverly ~ I might have been sort of stunning if I didn't have a tear streaked face and a runny nose from crying happy tears!

Pink Dagwood~ Witnessing the marriage of your children is an emotional experience.

Marg ~ I am just learning how to think about myself - odd concept, isn't it?

Akelamalu ~ Then I lose my list...and start all over again!

Tillybud ~ I have never been referred to as cool..thanks! :)

David ~ I think the art of deep breathing should be taught in all schools - seriously.

Melissa ~ That Poor woman! That is my nightmare come true!

Rapunzel ~ Thank you! I saved the day, sort of, and it wasn't pretty. But all is well that ends well -and just imagine if I hadn't noticed that the cute sundress was see-through ~ YIKES!

Celebration of Life said...

Hello from Wyoming!

I love the title to your blog! Thanks for visiting; please come back again, anytime!

Louise said...

This is a wonderful, well-told story!

I'm so glad you foudn that shop. It would be difficult to "just breathe" in the jeans and t-shirt.

I own countless slips because I forget to pack them. (Maybe I should just keep one in every piece of luggage!) In a jam, run to Wal Mart. You didn't even have time for that. What luck!

Miss Understood said...

Looking forward to the pictures! Did you cry? (Bet you did!)

leslie said...

I think there might have been an angel looking out for you that day!

Merisi said...

I almost stopped breathing while reading your tale of the perfect rehearsal dinner outfit! Great ending. Now I have to calm down mzself ...

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