Friday, August 8, 2008

Forever and Always

Twenty four years ago a baby boy was born on the floor of our local hospital. The reason he was born on the floor was not because his mother made it to the hospital just in the nick of time. No, she had plenty of time. It wasn't because there was no room in the hospital. No, there were plenty of beds. He was born on the floor because his mother got into an argument with her doctor. The mother had been laying quietly in her bed in the maternity ward, breathing and meditating through the pain. This was her third child and she was confident about the birthing process.

Her doctor strode quickly and abruptly into the room and told the mother that she needed to start pushing soon. "It isn't time for me to push yet," the mom replied, "I will know when it is time to push."

"I have a C-Section in less than one hour. You need to start pushing soon or I won't be able to keep on my schedule, " the male obstetrician arrogantly replied.

The experienced, indignant mom, who was now in the throes of intense labor, propped herself up in the bed. In a voice straight from the movie 'The Exorcist', she screeched at the male doctor, "Who do you think you are to tell me when to start pushing? I will know when it is time to push. Leave Me ALONE!"

A nurse appeared out of nowhere and suggested to the doctor that he leave the room since the mom was now extremely agitated. In the meantime the mom slid out of her bed and began to pace around the room. Her eyes had begun to glaze over and sweat beads were running off her brow. As she paced around, the pain intensified. Breathe, pant,pant, breathe, SCREAM.

The mom sat down on the floor. The nurse and the dad ran over to her, coaxing, bribing her to please get back on the bed. She stared at them, trying to determine who they were. She had lost her sense of reality and all dignity. She laid down on the hard tile floor and pressed her cheek on the coolness. The relief was welcome but temporary. Because now it was time to PUSH.
There was no time to move Mom back up onto the bed - the baby was coming -NOW.

And that is how my third child, my Velcro Boy, arrived into this world. Over the past few weeks I have been reflecting about him, his arrival and his life. I have been walking down memory lane thinking about how he has changed my life, how he has brightened my days, how much he has taught me. I have poured over the hundreds of photos, smiling as I think about the adventures we have shared, the laughs, the conversations, the debates and the challenges. I respect his quest for knowledge, his inquisitive mind, his unending questions and his incredible Tigger-like energy. He is lovable, huggable, intelligient and extremely hard working. He has a good heart and I love him - always have, always will. And on Saturday he is getting married. On Saturday, I will watch him through my happy tears as he marries his true love. She is a wonderful woman and I truly believe that they will share a wonderful life together.

My wish for this young couple is that they will continue to fill their lives with love, laughter, hugs, kisses, smiles, respect, humor, conversations, debates, understanding, honesty, trust, adventures, risk taking, romance, comfort, compassion, silliness and lots more love. And I hope that Velcro Boy knows that I will love him ~forever and always.

Here are a few photos of my Velcro Boy which show his true colors! And now I must go and fill my pocketbook with tissues...I have a wedding to attend.


Anonymous said...

Love you mom!

Beverly said...

I just know the day must be wonderful. Love is wonderful - all kinds of love. And, this young man sounds as if he has plenty of love for all of the women in his life.

david mcmahon said...

Thanks for your visit and your comment, Debbie.

Thank heavens for our children. They are truly our world.

dana said...

I think you have the basis for a great sit-come with that "birthin the baby on the floor" story. Oh, my, that was sooooo funny!

Now, to the teary part---I had a lump in my throat reading the next part--the about to get married part!
It brought back such memories of four years ago when our baby boy of 28 was married! Such a bittersweet day. We are so happy he's happy and they gave us a grad brat--but I look at his 32 yr old face and still see my little boy. Right now I'm tearing up, so I'll close. What a great post and best wishes for a great wedding!

Debbie said...

Anonymous ~ Right back at you!

Beverly ~ The day was wonderful and you are correct ~ he does have plenty of love for us all !

David ~ I love watching my children grow and watching to see what roads they will choose to travel down in life.

Dana ~ I was teary as I wrote it - and if it gets made into a sitcom I would like Julia Roberts to play me ;)

kissa said...

It is amazing how the pain is forgotten and all these wonderful times since come to the fore, Hope you had a great wedding. Will call by again.

Akelamalu said...

I just popped over from Authorblog to say congratulations on 'Post of the Day'.

It's amazing how one can remember every little detail of your child's birth isn't it? I remember getting so p****d at a nurse, who wasn't even old enough to get pregnant, telling me it wasn't time to push when I had my second child!

Enjoy the wedding. :)

MarmiteToasty said...

What a truely wonderful post.....


Flower said...

Boys are something!! I know how you feel!!

Rapunzel said...

I have shivers running down my spine! What a wonderful post, a beautiful story. I can't wait to hear details about the wedding!

Blessings to you all..


Willow said...

He looks like he's so much fun to have around!

Congratulations, Mom, on raising such a happy boy! And Congratulations to the happy couple!

Marg said...

What a wonderful story.
It couldn't get better than that.
I could feel everything about your son.
On my son's wedding 10 years ago, I shared the story with him once again.
"I will Love you forever."
And bawled my eyes out and now he has given me two grandsons.

Melissa said...

well I have heard that story before but it's still cute!

Tillybud said...

What a wonderful post - it brought on the tears for sure. I know what you mean about that love for your son. My boy is the apple of my eye and I can't imagine how I ever lived without him!

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