Tuesday, July 15, 2008

There is Life without Internet

I am back ! Since my last post I have been busy living and enjoying each moment - or at least trying to appreciate each moment. For the most part I have been at our camp which does not have cable or Internet service - which I am thankful for except I do miss the world of blogging. I could go to a Starbucks but with the high price of gas and with this incredibly beautiful weather I really can't bring myself to lift myself out of the hammock, put down my latest read and drive 20 minutes so I can write a post which might not get read so... I stay in the hammock reading.
I must be honest and tell you that I have suffered a bit from blogging withdrawal. It is similar to caffeine withdrawal. My fingers itch to type, my mind keeps forming a post, I wonder what my blogging friends are doing. I feel guilty that I have no way to let people know that I am still alive and kicking. I worry that my loyal followers might abandon me. I understand that in order to increase my readership I should post on a regular basis. And then I do a reality check.

I was put on this planet to live each day to the fullest, to have adventures, and to celebrate life. I could easily spend hours typing my thoughts and opinions of which I have many but I can not allow myself to be addicted to blogging. My time spent at our camp forced me to break the addiction. I love blogging but I have to keep its importance in my life in perspective. There is a lot of living to be done.

The reality is I haven't had much time to lay in my hammock. I have been gardening, walking, swimming, volunteering, coloring, rug hooking, cooking, catching my first fish, taking a boating class, visiting with friends, preparing for our son's wedding in less than one month, celebrating the wonderful news that we are going to be grandparents :) and making plans to leave next week for a few days with my husband so we can celebrate our thirty years of marriage. As soon as I finish this post I am off to experiment with making dill pickles from the 12 pounds of cukes I just picked from our garden. My days are full and I sleep well at night. Life is good.

There is nothing quite like a new box of crayons.

Fishing the day away !

My latest rug project !


Willow said...

Are you doing rug hooking?! I've always wanted to learn!

I'm in the middle of doing a long post on a quiet little coastal town in Essex. Blogger is being very slow about uploading my photos.

We are in an enforced slow down period while our floors are repaired. We move our furniture around from room to room and hide out while a section of flooring is laid and then we move furniture again.

Maybe I should find a fishing hole.

Melissa said...

can't wait to try the pickles! It's a good thing to power down every now and then! Mermaid looks good...although I think you should consider trying her eye a really bright blue, with that bright hair I think it'd look great. Although I wanted to see the octopus too!

Marg said...

Sounds like you have your priorities laid out so well.
I did miss you while you were gone, but then I didn't know, but it was good to hear from you again.
I agree that once you start blogging it can become so addictive.
But I view it as a hobby, and I love networking with different people and I'd rather do this than try to yak all day on the phone.
We can all give each other perspectives of life and continue on.
Sounds like you had the perfect rest and good on you celebrating 30 years. That's along time.

Debbie said...

Hi Willow - I have been rug hooking for about three years. My daughter and I took classes together and then she moved to San Jose. This mermaid rug is my third piece - much larger than my first two. I enjoy hooking - especially choosing colors and seeing how it all comes together.

Dear Melissa - Your pickles are ready! Interesting thought about the blue eye - I will consider it. I have just started the octopus. Slow hooking for me lately.

Marg - funny that you think I have my priorities laid out well - lately I feel like a disorganized blob. I am rushing around as I try to leave for our 30 year honeymoon! Where did the years go?

Anonymous said...

The photo doesnt really do that rug justice, for starters her "cans" are about the size of her head, secondly it just doesnt look the same as it does in person. Melissa you can't have any pickles you are welcome to buy them at fair market value though. I would ship them to you, but we all know how we feel on "localized" markets, so you will need to wait till you move back to get them.

These pickles are a great start to our "value added" homestead. It allows us to branch out and hit other markets, I'm thinking we need to start a revival of the bar top pickles.

-Mr. Dangerous

Debbie said...

Mr Dangerous - You are very observant. This actually is an old pic of the mermaid and her body parts are now in better proportion than in this pic. It has not been an easy rug - she has been ripped apart numerous times. As far as the pickles go I am now searching for a crock for pickle making. We also need to pick the pickles sooner and make them right away so they will be crisp. This is a true learning experience. Thanks for finally commenting on my blog. My feelings no longer will be hurt.

Melissa said...

Mr. Dangerous, leave it to you to comment on the cans in a work of art. I guess some things will never change. *sigh* what exactly do you mean by "value added" homestead? Don't forget what a small town you're dealing with. I'm not sure there are "other" markets! I'm reading a book you might like right now; it's called "Bad Land" and it's about the people who homesteaded out in Montana around the time of WWI. And thanks for commenting on MY blog. :(

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