Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day to All !

May your troubles be less,

and your blessings be more,

and nothing but happiness

come through your door !

~ Irish Blessing

I am truly blessed ~ I have the good fortune to be married to my best friend who I adore and love more with each passing day. I have four fabulous children of whom I am so very proud. And then there are my friends. I am so happy when surrounded by all of my family and friends. We laugh, we dance, we giggle, we get sillier than silly. Sometimes we cry, we hurt, we comfort and we stand by each other through thick and thin. We understand, we listen and we talk ~ a lot. Sometimes serious, more often not, we empower each other to be the best we can possibly be. We share our successes, our failures and learn from each other. Those who understand the value of friendship are truly blessed.

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