Monday, May 19, 2008


Life happens. And often we have no control over what cards are dealt us. I have been working on the 37 day challenge. Click here if you are interested in living a complaint free, whine free, criticism free life which is the basic challenge of the 37 day site. It is easy to smile, skip, whistle, wink, hug, giggle, kiss, and look at the world through rose colored lens when you wake up to a sunny morning with a warm breeze blowing through your window. How can I not feel perky when my thinning hair lays perfect on my head and I don't have to do a fancy comb over to cover my scalp which loves to shine through some days. I am walking on sunshine when I can fit into my 'skinny jeans' without having to lay on the bed, sucking in and praying I don't catch any skin in the zipper. Life is easy when I know that the whole day is mine to do as I please - the calendar is empty. I feel strong and empowered when I go to the gym and I can run the entire three miles on the treadmill without having to stop to empty my bladder. I have no problem following the 37 day challenge on those days.

Then life happens. And that is when the real challenge begins. Worries and concerns begin to mount and come flying at me in all directions. Elderly parents, broken hearts, death, cyclones, earthquakes, rising prices, people starving, the stress continues... I work hard to maintain a judgement free zone, to be positive, non-complaining, no whining. No pity parties in this house. Right. I feel like I am losing this challenge - I have no magic tricks to help me get out of this funk. Or do I?

As I start to hyperventilate from all the stress, I look around at my world and count my many blessings. I see the beautiful faces, emotions and colors of my world and I start to relax. Breath. I become mindful of the moment and I can feel the tension leaving my neck. I do count my blessings and I appreciate the 'little things'. I understand that often the 'little things' are the 'big things'. And I stop beating myself up over the fact that I had a grouchy day, or two, and I complained and I whined. I forgive myself and accept the fact that I am human. And for this I am thankful. Let the challenge continue!



DebTech said...

I love your choice of pictures. I have a bleeding heart in my yard for the first time this spring. It is beautiful. Stopping to smell the flowers really helps me deal with stress.

kiwi said...

I just found your blog and love your writing! I agree that the secret is in the realisation that "the little things" are indeed the big things! After that it all gets easier somehow.
~kiwi (New Zealand)

Debbie said...

Deb~ I think bleeding hearts might be one of my favorite flowers although the smell of lilacs is intoxicating - I so wish I could bottle the scent.

Kiwi ~ Thanks for your kind words. Being mindful of the wonderful little things keeps me on the positive path. Life is too short to not enjoy the ride !

Tilly said...

Hi there! thanks for stopping by my blog. It's lovely to have found yours too. Beautiful photo's and beautiful words.

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