Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beautiful People

There is a universal love for ice cream!

Oh, Those Eyes!



Too Cute!

A few of my new friends.

Friends !

'The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round...."

Life is Good!

Very polite, young gentlemen !

Melissa's new dad-in-law and me


A guard in front of a store.

Manager of the new Domino Pizza which recently opened in Hyderabad.

Amazon Debbie and the tailor

Gas Station attendants wanted us to take a pic of their cash.

Two of the women who worked for the tailor.

Shopping for a Sari - I didn't like the stripes.

The heart and soul of the people of India transcends through the smog, the filth and the sadness. Many of the Indians that I met have deep respect and pride for their country and are very protective and proud of their traditions and customs. I was impressed with the strong sense of family ~ cousins are treated as sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles seem to be like a second set of parents. There is a strength in their family structure that is lacking in the United States. The people of India welcomed us into their homes and country. They were wonderful hostesses and hosts. They were concerned about our comfort. Water was boiled to try and protect our bellies. We were fed huge amounts of food which might explain the rice ball which seems to be lodged in my intestinal tract. :) When we traveled in the city they always tried to get us a car with air conditioning to 'protect' us from the pollution. We appreciate their efforts. Our memories from this adventure will be filled with the smiles, the warmth and the kindness of the Indian people.

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DebTech said...

Continue to enjoy your photos and commentary. Are the bride and groom honeymooning?

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